How To Apply Zero-Cast Wx

Zero-Cast Wx Application

The Zero-Cast company provides an excellent range of clinical support tools that allows clinicians, technicians and therapists to quickly learn the easy Zero-Cast Wx application-steps.

Contact your local sales distributor to obtain additional information.

Application Animation Video (short 1m.15s)

Clinical Indications - Zero-Cast Wx

The letters ‘Wx’ mean Wrist-Fracture. The Wx version of Zero-Cast can be used to treat almost any distal radius fracture that would normally be treated with a plaster cast.

Paediatric Indications Zero-Cast Wx


Paediatric Distal Radius +/- Ulna Fractures

The majority of Greenstick & Buckle fractures are suitable for treatment with Zero-Cast Wx.

More Complex Paediatric

Displaced & Physeal Fractures

These are NOT recommended for Zero-Cast Wx treatment - currently under clinical investigation.

Adult Indications - Zero-Cast Wx

For the treatment of Adult Distal Radius Fractures +/- Ulna Fractures

Extra-Articular Undisplaced Distal Radius Fracture  

Suitable For Zero-Cast Wx Treatment

Extra-Articular Displaced Distal Radius Fracture

NOT Suitable For Zero-Cast Wx Treatment

Zero-Cast Wx clinical evaluations currently underway for these indications

Intra-Articular Displaced Distal Radius Fracture  

NOT Suitable For Zero-Cast Wx Treatment

Likely candidates for surgical treatment

Clinician Application Instructions

The attached Application Instruction Poster is available for download.  Please note the enclosed information is for use by clinicians in the application, adjustment or removal of Zero-Cast Wx.

Application Poster Download

Application Poster Download

Zero-Cast Wx Device Adjustment & Removal

Patients should return to their clinic for removal of their Zero-Cast device.

Patients should NOT remove or adjust their own Zero-Cast device. Only a trained healthcare professional with Zero-Cast training & the correct equipment can adjust or remove the device. 

In an EMERGENCY and if unable to return to the clinic where the device was applied - please see a trained healthcare professional and if the device requires emergency removal, the ratchet legs can be cut using plaster shears or a plaster saw.

Emergency Removal

Please follow instructions provided here.

Reimbursement L-Codes (PDAC Letter)

An official code verification letter is available (download link adjacent) for the listed Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) code(s) for billing the four Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractors (DME MACs) as applies for USA reimbursement.


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