Zero-Cast Wx - Dynamic Adjustable Wrist Orthosis

Zero-Cast Wx Fracture Stabilisation

Zero-Cast Wx is a state-of-the-art fracture stabilization system. It offers clinicians and their patients a tamper-proof, lightweight, adjustable, hygienic, waterproof solution for the treatment of wrist fractures and injuries requiring stabilization.

Stabilized Fracture (3-point fixation) - Functional Joint

The Zero-Cast Wx design is motivated by Prof Sir John Charnley’s 3-point fracture fixation research and Professor Augusto Sarmiento’s work on functional cast bracing. Using advanced materials and modern manufacturing techniques,  Zero-Cast engineers and the principle designing surgeon were able to create a system that stabilises the fracture while retaining joint function (see illustration below).

Downsides Of Existing Treatment Options


  • Heavy, itchy, smelly
  • Bathing or showering difficult
  • Lengthy application time
  • Joint stiffness & skin irritation common
  • Awkward, bulky & cumbersome
  • Difficult to wear normal clothing
  • Removal can be traumatic for patients


  • Less stable
  • Easily tampered with
  • Unable to get wet (showering/bathing)
  • May restricts unaffected joints
  • Lower patient-compliance
  • Less secure
  • Potentially more painful

    Ordering - Zero-Cast Wx

    Zero-Cast Wx is available in 4 sizes (right & left). Order inquiries via the contacts page.
    To apply the device, each clinic requires a toolbox (includes a tamper-proof screwdriver & sizing-guide). They are available from your local distributor.

    L Code Verification - USA reimbursement verification for assigned codes L3915 & L3916
    L Code Verification

    USA reimbursement verification for assigned codes L3915 & L3916

    PDAC L-Code Verification

    An official code verification letter is available (download link adjacent) for the listed Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) code(s) for billing the four Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractors (DME MACs) as applies for USA reimbursement.


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