Research Article; Zero-Cast demonstrates superior water-resistance properties

Waterproof options provide superior patient experience & clinical outcomes in fracture treatment.

- posted by;  Dr Pranesh Kumar Oct 2021

Traditional fracture treatment (plaster & fibre casts) are not waterproof. Patients struggle to keep their cast dry during routine hand washing, showering and/or bathing, (ref 3) resulting in unplanned clinic visits. Failure to routinely wash & clean the fractured-limb causes hygiene issue such as, itching & odours.

A paper published in the latest AAOS research journal highlights differing levels of water-resistance across a variety of fracture treatment devices (casts, orthosis). It notes that some newer fracture treatment devices (including Zero-Cast™️) offer the promise of greater patient satisfaction due to their low water-retention and their fast-drying capabilities (ref 1)

This study from Auckland University Of Technology, New Zealand, is the first to specifically analyse these patient-relevant parameters. This water absorption research-paper was authored by Dr David White PhD & Mike van Wyk ME from AUT (ref 1)
{DOWNLOAD article from LINK below}

1. White DE, van Wyk MJ: Comparison of Water Absorption and Drying in Distal Radius Fracture Casts and Orthoses. Journal of the AAOS Global Research & Reviews. September 2021, Vol 5, No 9.
2. DiPaola MJ, Abzug JM, Pizzutillo PD, Herman MJ: Incidence and etiology of unplanned cast changes for fractures in the pediatric population. J PediatrOrthop 2014;34:643-646.
3. Williams M: The patient’s experience in a plaster cast. Int J Orthopaedic Trauma Nurs 2010;14:132-141.


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