Patient Treatment With Zero-Cast Products

Download patient information leaflets below...

Zero-Cast Wx (wrist)

The Wx patient care & treatment leaflet is available for download below. Additional information can be obtained from your treating physician.

Zero-Cast Mx (finger)

(finger extension splint)
The Mx patient care & treatment leaflet is available for download.

Zero-Cast Vx (finger)

(volar-plate injury)
The Vx patient care & treatment leaflet is available for download.

Clinical Evidence

Published clinical evidence for Zero-Cast Wx...

Patient Problems Or Concerns?

If you experience any problems or concerns with your Zero-Cast device, in the first instance we recommend that you read the relevant patient information leaflet.  If you require additional help,  please contact the healthcare provider who fitted your Zero-Cast for further assistance.

In an EMERGENCY and if unable to return to the clinic where the device was applied - please see a trained healthcare professional. Finger devices can be easily removed by the patient, other fitted device that requires emergency-removal can be removed by;
  • Unclipping or cutting attached straps
  • Cutting the ratchet legs (use nursing scissors, or use plaster shears or a plaster saw for Wx).

Should you wish to contact the manufacturer or distributor, you can do so here: CONTACTS


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