Zero-Cast Mx - Finger Injury Splint (provides IP joint extension)

Designed for the treatment of common finger injuries where the injury requires either DIP or PIP joint extension.
Zero-Cast Mx provides visible hyperextension of the distal interphalangeal joint (DIP) when used for the common Mallet Finger Injury.

Key Features

  • Fast & easy to apply (off-the-shelf)
  • Sizing range to fit
  • Waterproof & easy-clean
  • Hygienic & comfortable to wear
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Easy interaction with smart-screen devices (open finger pad)
  • Economical, easy ordering 

Why Zero-Cast Mx?

The Mx splint can be quickly applied during a patient consultation. The Mx splint has been designed for added patient comfort with a smooth, padded-lining that can be easily cleaned. Once fitted, the Mx splint can be removed and re-applied by the patient without the need for messy tape to stabilize the splint. Many splint designs in current use (STAX style & bespoke-splints) usually cover the patient's finger-pad and this prevents touch-screen interaction. The Mx splint allows the patient continued access to their smart-phone and other touch-screen devices because it does NOT cover the finger pad. 


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