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Patient-Centred Fracture Treatment

Doctor Pranesh Kumar - Posted March 2022 Health care system around the world have undergone a noticeable shift from being centered around a traditional, noble-profession, to becoming a more customer-oriented, service industry (ref1). Factors contributing to this evolution within the health care system includes the growing availability and variety of information from the internet, higher levels of patient expectation, increased breadth of health insurance options, growth in competition amongst pr...

February 28, 2022

Research Article; Zero-Cast demonstrates superior water-resistance properties

- posted by;  Dr Pranesh Kumar Oct 2021 Traditional fracture treatment (plaster & fibre casts) are not waterproof. Patients struggle to keep their cast dry during routine hand washing, showering and/or bathing, (ref 3) resulting in unplanned clinic visits. Failure to routinely wash & clean the fractured-limb causes hygiene issue such as, itching & odours. A paper published in the latest AAOS research journal highlights differing levels of water-resistance across a variety of fract...

October 7, 2021

Global-Pandemic Sparks Interest in New Treatment

A new treatment device for broken wrists (Zero-Cast Wx), developed by a New Zealand surgeon, Dr Pranesh Kumar (North Shore, Auckland), has attracted significant interest from patients and doctors around the world looking for ways to provide safer patient contact during the pandemic. Zero-Cast Wx offers a more patient-friendly, comfortable, less expensive treatment for fractured wrists (distal radius fractures). The rapid patient fitting of a Zero-Cast device contrasts with the lengthy applicatio...

August 13, 2021

Telemedicine with Zero-Cast Wx

Posted by Dr Pranesh Kumar...

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